Dig up more qualified leads with the

The TierOne Lead Network allows online marketers to significantly ramp up their lead generation campaigns through BirdDog Media’s extensive collection of trusted website partners. We provide 100% transparency on where your offer runs with any one of our 100+ vetted sources for acquiring new leads.

Why did BirdDog create the TierOne Lead Network?

  • Our clients have always been pleased with the results that we were able to produce on BirdDog’s proprietary ad locations and call center but eventually could not keep up with the demand for the quality leads we could send them.
  • Over the past 10+ years BirdDog has identified the best performing lead sources in the industry and has established partnerships to generate leads for our clients in cases where the client is not already working with them.

Why you should test the TierOne Lead Network

  • We have a proven track record of success with each of our TierOne partners to deliver the highest quality leads for our clients.
  • Gain access to the hottest newcomers as well as most reliable players in the space. Trust your loyal hunting companions at BirdDog Media to point out opportunities that you should test, as well as avoid.

Other features worth howling about

  • We handle: campaign setup, partner management, optimization, contracts and negotiations, cap management.
  • Online, real-time reporting to track your campaigns performance across vendors.
  • Invalid leads are scrubbed in real-time prior to getting into your database.
  • The ability to employ any compliance monitoring software or applications. How to get started
  • Your dedicated account management team will reach out to our best performing partners to see if they would be interested in running your offer.
  • If they are not already working with you we will send you a list of our recommendations along with the lead volume they can hit each month and pricing.
  • You give us the green light to get a test started and we will manage all aspects of the campaign to get them live.