Meet The Top Dogs

Jack Goldberg
Over thirty years of sales and marketing experience. Twenty-plus years of Internet sales and marketing experience, eight of which were managing national sales teams (ten people with annual sales of $10 million). Six years on the client side at Discover Card and Dean Witter managing ad budgets as large as $80 million. Proven success in generating sales from front-line marketing managers to CEO level, reliable revenue forecasting, and proficient at putting the right tools in the hands of salespeople.
Damien Kalck
Vice President of Operations
Over twenty five years of marketing and operations management experience. Twenty years of Internet marketing experience, four of which were managing national advertising operations teams at Before joining BirdDog full time in July 2006, Damien spent four years at in their consumer advertising division managing their lead generation operations with a team of eight people. Over that four year period, lead generation revenues increased from $10 million to over $40 million.
George Mickle
Vice President of Technology
Over thirty years of IT management and programming experience. Twenty five years of Internet development experience. Five years at Yesmail serving as the Director of Software Engineering directing a staff of three Database Administrators and fifteen programmers. Five years at The Aberdeen Group, where he designed and created a robust Internet Construction Network. Programming experience and expertise in Microsoft Internet development systems including .Net and SQL Server, Languages thru the ages include COBOL, RPG III, Dbase, Foxpro, C, PASCAL, C#, C++, VB, PERL, JAVA.