Customer Service Center

We can help you to monetize the data that comes to your site by leveraging our call center to develop an off-line customer service center to generate leads for your advertisers. We currently do this with several leading career and job sites to provide an education advising center for their users. We can work with you to find the advertisers and verticals that would make sense for your users and develop a customized program.

Here is an example of how the program works in the Higher Education vertical:

  1. We add an 800 number for people to call about exploring education opportunities on the high traffic pages of your site.
  2. On the registration process, we can add an opt-in check box on your registration page that invites people to request more information about continuing their education.  For example the opt-in might say: ( ) Yes, I’d like a free phone consultation on college degree programs in my area! 
  3. We then make calls to the prospective students to help them find schools that make sense for their career goals. This call is a customer service call from an education advising team for your site. We can also provide your visitors with more information on your services and encourage them to go back to your website to more fully utilize it. If you think your users would be interested in this service and you would like another innovative way to monetize your website data, please give us a call.
  4. The revenue generated is then shared with the website owner or publisher.

If you think your users would be interested in this service and you are interested in monetizing your website data, please give us a call. Again, Higher Education is just one example of how this program can work. We will work with you to develop a custom approached based on advertisers that make sense for your site.