Registration Path Solutions

BirdDog Media’s state-of-the-art ad serving technology allows your site to dovetail your existing online registration or login path to present targeted offers to new, returning or existing visitors that are personally relevant to them.

The lead generation advertisers can be included anywhere on your website, including the initial sign-up registration, login for returning visitors, sample downloads, post purchase pages, surveys, or other high traffic areas of your site. Through these key interaction points we serve relevant and high quality offers within the path to generate untapped new revenue for your website.

  • Highly Customizable
    We are not a one size fits all solution. We customize our ad serving application to your site and provide reporting that makes sense to your key site metrics. Many of our competitors have only one or two options for integration and provide you with the same layouts they do for every other site in their network. We listen to what you need and develop a highly customizable solution. We have every type of ad format available.  We can serve simple co-registration offers, full page interstitials, iframe offers, other networks, and pages of multiple offers.
  • Advanced Optimization
    Our system optimizes the offer rotation based on what will be the most relevant offer for your user and lucrative for your site. The system looks at historic offer value, targeting, frequency caps, recent views, discarded leads, business rules particular to each advertiser and makes a decision on the best offer to show for each ad location on your site. In addition, we have manual overrides available if certain business decisions dictate showing one particular offer over another.
  • Unlimited Targeting
    This way we can make the ad experience as relevant as possible for your users. The more relevant the offers, the higher the conversion and more revenue you earn. We can target on items such as zip code, state, gender based on first name, IP address location, keywords as well as custom demographics on your site such as income, career level, ethnicity, etc. We customize the targeting options to match what you have available. If you have a variety of ad locations we can customize the location’s targeting options individually as well.
  • Positive User Experience
    We recognize the importance of keeping your user base satisfied with your site experience. We customize ad locations to match your site, provide frequency capping by ad location, targeting by ad location and opt-out options. We also never trick users into taking offers. All of the site navigation is clear so that you can build a long and sustainable business with your advertisers and your users.
  • Turnkey Integration
    We understand that your IT department has a full plate when it comes to taking care of your company’s programming needs. That’s why we have a dedicated Website Integration Team to help make the process of setting up the serving of our offers virtually painless. We will provide you with detailed and customized documentation to match your site. By working with BirdDog Media you will be able to quickly and easily get our ad serving code put in place on your site so you can focus all of your programming time on your business’ IT projects, not ours.
  • Online Reporting and Email Reports
    Access your reporting online at any time and if you prefer we can set up email reporting to drop your key metrics in your inbox each morning. We can report on performance by advertiser, ad location, demographics as well as the source of traffic. This way you can optimize your traffic acquisitions based on how much ad revenue you generate on the site. 
  • Creates a New Product for Your Sales Force
    We work with our website partners in a variety of ways to bring advertisers to your site. First, your sales force can sell all of the lead inventory. Second, your sales team and our sales team can sell the inventory while being sensitive not to duplicate efforts or compete with each other for e the same business. Third, can we handle all of the ad sales if you do not have a sales team in place.  In either of the scenarios, we keep the program as flexible as possible to match the ad sales needs in your organization.
  • Expedient Payments
    You deserve to be paid in an expedient manner for the revenue you have earned by generating leads for our Advertisers. We understand that you need to pay your employees, keep the servers running and manage your cash flow intelligently so that you can keep your business growing. That’s why we will pay you for the leads that you have generated within 30 days of the close of the previous month.